Our Solutions

SkillsAlpha offers cutting-edge eLearning solutions that revolutionize learning by providing access to specialist knowledge and technology, empowering users to unlock their full potential.

Through AI, learning BOTs, and deep learning, SkillsAlpha transforms learners’ digital personas rapidly, enhancing their skills and adaptiveness. Our platform facilitates various blended learning approaches, from micro-learning to project-based teams. With SkillsAlpha, unleash your learning potential and creativity in the new era of Gen AI-based education.

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  • Learning Pathways
  • Skill Inventory
  • Persona and Privileges
  • Community Features and Social Engagement
  • Learner Profiling
  • Learner Request Management (Peer and Coach)
  • Pre and Post-assessments
  • Learning Credits and Karma Points
  • Calendar Events and Notifications
  • ALPHA Bot  and Mobile app  Integration
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Dashboard Statistics
  • Multi-Tenancy and Multiple integration
  • Advanced and Personalized Reports
  • Pre-Built Templates and White labelling LMS
  • MS Team Integration

Custom E-Learning

Create personalized learning content for the unique needs and meet all the learning goals.

Micro Learning

Induce learners with instant learning through high impact short videos with rich graphics and animations.

Scenario-based Learning using Gen AI techniques

Adopt active learning strategies such as problem-based and case-based learning for effective outcomes.

Blended Learning

Combine the conventional and new-age learning to  develop a holistic learning environment with composite learning aids such as ILT blended with digital learning tools.

Gamified Learning

Make the learning exciting and fun by integrating  game mechanics into the process of  learning.

Text and Audio Translation

Language will no longer be a barrier in reaching a multilingual or global audience as we support in translation of text into various Indian and International languages, make learning videos more relatable and understandable by translating the audio into the preferred language of the learners.

Just-in-time Learning

Make the need-related training readily available to learners exactly when and how it is needed by them.

AI Nexus: Empowering Futures in Analytics

Embark on a journey into the future with our AI and Analytics program! Acquire skills that drive innovation, making you indispensable in any industry. From revolutionizing businesses to solving complex global challenges, the possibilities are boundless. With high-demand careers and competitive salaries, you’ll be shaping tomorrow’s world. Join us and be the catalyst for transformative change!

EvolveEdge: Elevating Skills in Electric Vehicles

Step into the driving seat of the future with our Electric Vehicle  Training program! Gain expertise in cutting-edge technology that’s revolutionizing transportation. By enrolling, students will be at the forefront of a sustainable  movement, creating a greener, cleaner world. Unlock exciting  career opportunities in a booming  industry and be the change-maker the planet needs. Join us and accelerate your career with Electric Vehicles!

IADG Privacy Pro: Mastering Data Privacy

Mastering digital integrity! IADG’s Data Privacy Program empowers you with invaluable skills to safeguard sensitive information in today’s interconnected world. By enrolling, students gain a competitive edge in the job market and play a vital role in protecting individuals and organizations from cyber threats. Join us, and be at the  forefront of securing opportunities  with special skillsets

Sustainable Industry 4.0 (NEW)

Skills Alpha driven Sustainable Industry 4.0 program provides a holistic understanding of both Industry 4.0 technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices, fostering the development of skills necessary for creating environmentally friendly and socially responsible smart factories. Sustainable Industry 4.0 combines the real world of production with the virtual world of information and communication technology.


The world is brimming with potential entrepreneurs ready to turn opportunities into successful ventures. Our micro-entrepreneurship solution aims to empower you with the right skill set to ensure that you successfully transform your ideas into new ventures. SkillsAlpha and GTT Foundation’s micro-entrepreneurship program empowers thousands of women from humble backgrounds to secure a living as entrepreneurs or skilled artisans.

Digital Dexterity

Digital Dexterity technologies are vital for staying competitive in businesses. Skills in cloud computing, automation, AI, and data analytics are essential across industries and everyday life. At Skills Alpha, we have defined a unique pyramid model based on extensive research. Our digital dexterity program is fit for new learners and working professionals looking to upskill and develop skills that are the ‘need of the hour’.

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