AI Powered Skilling

Smart Assistant

Chat with the World’s first Skilling BoT – Alpha, about your career and learning. Alpha learns from people, data and context.

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Skill Gap Analytics

Identify & Conquer

Find granular insights to gaps in workforce with Skill gap analytics

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Personalized Career Paths

The Road Ahead

Individualized career paths for every team member based on skills affinity

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Social Learning

Collaborative & Cognitive

Enhance learning through a cognitive process that takes place in a social context

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Real-time Skill Inventory

Anytime Anywhere

Instant on-demand real-time compilation of the skills help assess whether the talent pool can meet company goals

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True 3D-Skilling

Skilling Excellence

Drive true three dimensional skilling by blending learning, coaching, on-the-job and peer feedback

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Neal, Team & Resource Manager

Features that help me capitalize on my team's skills

Skill Inventory

On-demand real-time compilation offers an insight into talent hot-spots and gaps. Team and resource managers can plan assignments and succession planning with great ease.

Skill Assignment On The Go

Assigning skills and learning is as easy as sending a message! The platform is cognitive and factors existing skill sets thereby allowing you to target only those who require skilling.

Decision Dashboard

Dashboards and access to big data enable managers to be in control of skilling velocity and drive alignment between business goals and workforce skills.

Coach Talent

With easy pairing of experts and skills, the workforce can reach out to skill coaches across boundaries for targeted conversations

Nelofir, Learning Manager

Features that help craft a success driven L&D program

Skill Inventory

Align learning goals and performance goals backed by analytics. Real-time skills inventory allows you to prioritize your spends and efforts even before it becomes an issue.

Decision Dashboard

Decision dashboards enable learning managers to speak the business language and drive targeted conversations.

Content Marketplace

A rich content marketplace helps organize organization content, third party content, curated content and coaches in one place making course compilation easy.

Facilitate Career Development

The platform helps organize all resources - HRMS data, Content, Performance data and Coaches in a seamless fashion. Learning managers can be true facilitators.

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