Platform Designed for Success

Aligning employee skilling journey with your business goals

Aditi, The Learner

Self exploration of career options,
personalized skill-gap analytics,
in control of her skill development
and leverages social learning

Neal, Team & Resource Manager

Leverage skill inventory analytics,
plan talent deployment and
succession management

Nelofir, Learning Manager

Run benchmark analytics,
align learning goals with performance

Meet Alpha! The World's first Skilling BoT

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Smart Skilling Journey Assistant
Alpha BoT is powered by AI and is capable of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Over 18 proprietary algorithms enable Alpha to assist your workforce in their skilling journey. With its cognitive abilities your workforce can

  • Seek answers to their skilling queries
  • Engage seamlessly with the community
  • Receive context sensitive information and updates

Intelligence Meets

Skills Alpha stores big data and enables deep analytics that helps your workforce managers have meaningful interactions. The cognitive engines and proprietary skill match algorithms help your workforce visualize personalized career pathways and acquire skills in alignment with organization goals.


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