Skills Alpha

Re-imagining the Skilling Continuum





AI Powered Skilling

Chat with the World’s first Skilling BoT – Alpha, about your career and learning. Alpha learns from people, data and context.

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Skill Gap Analytics

Find granular insights to gaps in workforce with Skill gap analytics

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Personalized Career Paths

Individualized career paths for every team member based on skills affinity

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Social Learning

Enhance learning through a cognitive process that takes place in a social context

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Real-time Skill Inventory

Instant on-demand real-time compilation of the skills help assess whether the talent pool can meet company goals

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True 3D-Skilling

Drive true three dimensional skilling by blending learning, coaching, on-the-job and peer feedback

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Meet Alpha & Aditi

An ambitious young professional, who transformed her career through Skills Alpha

Once introduced to
Skills Alpha she
discovers Alpha Bot

Aditi explores personalized
career pathways based
on skill affinity

She experiences a whole
new world of engaging
and intuitive skilling

Aditi is in control of her
career and is excited to
share expertize with
her peers

Aditi wants to explore
options and take
control of her career

Designed for Success

Aligning employee skilling journey with your business goals

Aditi, The Learner

Self exploration of career options,
personalized skill-gap analytics,
in control of her skill development
and leverages social learning

Neal, Team & Resource Manager

Leverage skill inventory analytics,
plan talent deployment and
succession management

Nelofir, Learning Manager

Run benchmark analytics,
align learning goals with performance

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See how Skills Alpha delivers performance