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Skills Alpha Platform powers the latest skilling approaches, from self-directed micro-learning to project-based teams. Participants can acquire skills through seamlessly integrated media assessment of new skills, and sharing and collaboration among peers. We have unleashed the power of AI, Learning BoTs, Cognition, Adaptive and Deep learning to enhance the skilling experience.

The platform can be used for every type of blended training self-paced, or cohort-based training. We have partnered with industry associations, leaders and major industries to bring to you popular use cases and topics.

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“Digital acumen is essential for business leaders in today’s hyper-competitive, technology-enabled world.”

– Harvard Business Review

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 combines the real world of production with the virtual world of information and communication technology; therefore, traditional industrial processes are supplemented and optimized by the digital world. Experts agree that Industry 4.0 will quickly and permanently change all the aspects of production, planning, monitoring and logistics. To embrace and establish Industry 4.0, the training and qualifications of skilled workforce must be adapted to meet the new requirements of this interdisciplinary approach. Our experts have created a skilling program that reinforces the fundamentals and equips the workforce with emerging techniques.

“Industry 4.0 is about driving digital value chains,
thus creating more agile and market”

– Gartner

Self-Employment / Micro-Entrepreneurship

The world is full of entrepreneurs, each with potential of turning an opportunity into business. Our micro-entrepreneurship solution aims to empower you with the right skill set to ensure that you successfully transform your ideas into new ventures. You will learn to be an entrepreneur and successfully develop businesses like tutoring, freelance writing, recruiting, home chef or digital marketing.

“45% of the workforce will be made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other members of the “contingent” workforce by 2020–and independent workers will be the majority by 2030″

– Forbes